Comp Department - The Stepford Wives

Release Date: June 11, 2004

Below is some of my work from Stepford

All work below © 2004 by Paramount Pictures Corporation and Dreamworks, LLC | All Rights Reserved.

CA ATM, Shot ca10 -
Comp Straight forward shot of the actress performing as if she were about to conjure up some cash and spit it out of her mouth, the problem is she only cracked a smile. Using a series of roto shapes I animated them individually to manipulate and displace her mouth to open up and have a wad of cash come out of her mouth. The money was CG, I created a drop shadow from the money render, and matched the color to a reference frame of real cash in the shot. I added subtle things like bounced red light onto the money from her red lipstick, richer drop shadows, and even reflections of the money in her eyes… all though you’d never see it, 
Robot Joanna, Shot rj10 -
Comp Live action plate of a detailed face and body replica of Nicole Kidman’s character Joanna. As the camera approaches the face they wanted the eyes to open revealing dark black eyes. I integrated animated CG eyes created for the shot. Working with different layers to get the right look of the eyes, reflections, shadowing, color match, etc. Building a clean eye plate once the eyes were open, displacing the eye brows animated with the eyes opening pretty much made up this shot. The version of this shot that made it in the movie were eye sockets instead of eye balls.

Clair's Electricution, Shot ce60 - Description
Comp description...

Wive Adjustment, Shot wa130 -
Comp As the live action plate’s remote falls from frame we switch to a CG remote that is crushed. A clean plate was built to remove the practical remote, and manipulation to do the switch from practical to CG. Adding 2d practical elements of sparks, zirk flashes, and smoke were used in the shot. I did some lighting treatments to the hands to show some internal glow through the skin and interaction with the remote and crush elements. There was also a mix of some cg elements for sparks and electrical arcs to integrate.

Square Dance, Shot sd80 -
Comp This shot was entirely mine and cut directly with sd70. I performed some rig removal for a huge card cutout reference for the actors for placement of the spinning actress. I generated roto for the actors in front of the actress. The actress was entirely CG in this shot, except for once she lands I rock and rolled on a practical plate of the actress turning on a platform for reference. I used this to put the real actress’s face on the cg body. The hair in this shot was created using 2d green screen elements. For the spin I created a loop of about 12 frames of spinning hair retimed to ramp up in speed to match the performance. Tracked it on the head and tweaked to make it look right.
Once she lands I switch over to another hair element that does the shampoo commercial whoosh, again locking it down to match the movement of the cg character. Getting the 3 main elements of this shot to work as one proved to be a big challenge in this shot, being the cg character, the practical face, and the practical hair.
Wive Adjustment, Shot wa55 -
Comp At a point in the movie the robot Wives get reprogrammed and the look of this effect was achieved in 2d land with the help of 3d match moved elements. The plate was of the actress snapping her head back. The effect calls for a charge of energy that travels from the brain down through the body underneath the skin into the feet, which ends in a flash. Leading and trailing edge treatments were created using mattes from elements and edge detect techniques, as well as some plate distortion. The look was for light to bury underneath the skin. Interaction with the plate includes blue bounced light and white light during the flash contaminating the environment.

Square Dance, Shot wa54 - Description
Comp description...

Mike's Death, Shot md100 -

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